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这套4CD的专辑,是包含了Blossom Dearie在1952-1962十年中正式发行的最重要的六张专辑,以及选入爵士圣经“Verve Jazz Masters”第51号CD的16首歌曲的作品合集。

她的声音特点不同于同期“20世纪三大爵士天后”(Ella Fitzgerald 艾拉·费兹杰拉, llie Holiday 比莉·霍利戴, Sarah Vaughan 莎拉·沃恩),影响力和作品数量也不如三位天后,但她的声音像少女一样纯净,干脆,又有点俏皮的特点,让每一个听过她演唱的人都会大为赞赏。

1924年出生於纽约州East Durham的Blossom Dearie(布洛森 迪儿莉),小时候学的是古典钢琴,高中时兴趣转向爵士乐,毕业后便到New York City去追求她的音乐生涯,除了在纽约的小酒馆驻唱外,也曾经参加过一些爵士乐团,如Blue Flames(with Woody Herman Orchestra)与The Blue Reys(with Alvino Rey's band)的演出,但都不是很成功,其实从大环境来说,当时的爵士乐界仍是由黑人主导,白人乐手要在其中占有一席之地谈何容易,更何况Blossom Dearie还是一位白人女性,即使她是一位出色的singer与pianist也是如此,必须等待一个成功契机的到来,而这个转捩点不是在美国,却是发生在大西洋彼岸的法国。

1952那一年,26岁的Blossom Dearie决定离开美国,前往当时欧洲爵士乐发展重镇-法国巴黎,希望能找到自己音乐上的春天,而且在巴黎这个人文荟萃的都市,你的音乐天份不会被你的肤色与性别所限制,每个人都有平等的机会,只要你有才华,崭露头角将是指日可待的;到了巴黎之后,Blossom Dearie组织成立一个爵士乐演唱团体Les Blues Stars,1954年推出一首以法语演唱Lullaby of Birdland的版本Legende du Pays des Oiseux(听来相当轻松写意),在法美两地都成为那一年的畅销金曲,Blossom Dearie在浪漫的巴黎也遇到她的另一半,来自比利时的次中音萨克斯风手Bobby Jaspar,这个时候的Blossom Dearie可谓事业与爱情两得意。

著名的唱片制作人、也是Verve唱片老板的Norman Granz,在1956年听过Blossom Dearie的演出后大为赞赏,力邀她回美国发展,於是在短短的四年之间,为Blossom Dearie制作了六张唱片,包括同名专辑Blossom Dearie(1956)、Give Him The Ohh-la-la(1957)、Once Upon A Summertime(1958)、Sings Comden and Green(1959)、My Gentleman Friend(1959)以及Sings Broadway Hit Songs(1960),这六张专辑也被认为是Blossom Dearie音乐生涯中的经典作品;进入1970年代之后,Blossom Dearie还进一步创立自己的音乐厂牌Daffodil Records来发行自己的唱片,虽然产量不多,但是她仍然持续在纽约市的酒馆与俱乐部巡回演出,足以显现她对爵士乐的热爱之深。


Disc 1:

01. Moody's Mood For Love

02. Lullaby Of Birdland

03. Tout Bas [Speak Low]

04. Gina

05. Heart of My Heart

06. That's My Girl

07. The Portuguese Washerwomen

08. Mister Sandman

09. In 1920

10. Hold Me Close

11. Letter To Virginia

12. The Kissing Dance

13. Mambo Italiano

14. Old Devil Moon

15. Autumn In New York

16. Flamingo

17. There Will Never Be Another You

18. The Continental

19. The Boy Next Door

20. They Can't Take That Away From Me

21. Moonlight Saving Time

22. The Surrey With The Fringe On Top

23. April In Paris

24. Blue Moon

25. Down In The Depths

Disc 2:

01. Deed I Do

02. Loverman

03. Everything I've Got

04. Comment Allez Vous

05. More Than You Know

06. Thou Swell

07. It Might As Well Be Spring

08. Tout Doucement

09. You For Me

10. Now At Last

11. I Hear Music

12. Wait till You See Her

13. I Won't Dance

14. A Fine Spring Morning

15. Just One of Those Things

16. Like Someone In Love

17. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

18. They Say It's Spring

19. Try Your Wings

20. Bang Goes the Drum (and You're In Love)

21. Riviera, The

22. Middle of Love, The

23. Plus T'embrasse

24. Give Him the Ooh-La-La

25. Let Me Love You

26. I Walk a Little Faster

Disc 3:

01. Tea For Two

02. Surrey With The Fringe On Top

03. Moonlight Saving Time

04. It Amazes Me

05. If I Were A Bell

06. We'Re Together

07. Teach Me Tonight

08. Once Upon A Summertime

09. Down With Love

10. Manhattan

11. Doop-Doo-De-Doop (A Doodlin' Song)

12. Our Love Is Here To Stay

13. Lucky To Be Me

14. Just In Time

15. Some Other Time

16. Dance Only With Me

17. I Like Myself

18. The Party'S Over

19. How Will He Know

20. It'S Love

21. Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me

22. Lonely Town

Disc 4:

01. Guys And Dolls

02. Confession

03. Rhode Island Is Famous For You

04. To Keep My Love Alive

05. Too Good For The Average Man

06. The Gentleman Is A Dope

07. Always True To You In My Fashion

08. Napoleon

09. Life Upon The Wicked Stage

10. The Physician

11. Love Is The Reason

12. Buckle Down, Winsocki

13. Little Jazz Bird

14. Gentleman Friend

15. It's Too Good To Talk About Now

16. Chez Moi

17. You Fascinate Me So

18. You'Ve Got Something I Want

19. Boum!

20. L'Etang

21. Hello Love

22. Someone To Watch Over Me