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在这最新的《When I Remember》专辑中,凯文柯恩对那令他创意独特及音响不凡的经典与流行致敬。如”Chopin's Touch"和“We Should Waltz"的灵感来自古典,”A Wal in the Sun"和"Rise and Shine"则来自爵士的激发。

《When I Remember》是一张钢琴独奏曲的专辑,是对作曲者和他挚爱的乐器之间羁绊一辈子的庆祝。曲谱亦可购得。

The new CD from Kevin Kern.

With his latest release, When I Remember, Kevin Kern pays tribute to the rich musical traditions and stylistic influences that continue to inspire his unique creativity and signature sound. The pieces range from the classically inspired “Chopin’s Touch” and “We Should Waltz”, to the jazz-inflected “A Walk in the Sun” and the playful “Rise and Shine”.

When I Remember is a solo piano collection which celebrates a lifelong bond between a composer and his beloved instrument. A companion songbook is also available.


01. We Should Waltz

02. Once Upon a Time

03. Say You Love Me

04. Chance Encounter

05. Dreaming of Home

06. When I Remember

07. Rise and Shine

08. By My Side

09. Off to the Races (For Grampa Norm)

10. Chopin's Touch

11. A Walk in the Sun

12. A Lonely Heart