Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.1)].专辑.(Flac).flac 181.17MB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.1)].专辑.(Flac).cue 1.79KB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.2)].专辑.(Flac).flac 214.15MB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.2)].专辑.(Flac).cue 3.09KB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.3)].专辑.(Flac).flac 183.38MB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.3)].专辑.(Flac).cue 1.27KB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.4)].专辑.(Flac).flac 198.48MB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.4)].专辑.(Flac).cue 877.0Bytes
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.5)].专辑.(Flac).flac 263.21MB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.5)].专辑.(Flac).cue 2.08KB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.6)].专辑.(Flac).flac 226.79MB
Helene.Grimaud.-.[Helene.Grimaud.plays.Beethoven,.Brahms,.Gershwin.and.others.(CD.6)].专辑.(Flac).cue 1.46KB






商品条码 : 0825646227372

商品编号 : 2564622737

演奏者 : 葛莉茉 Helene Grimaud - 查看所有专辑

指挥家 :

乐团 :

作曲家 :

专辑名称 : 钢琴家葛莉茉的华纳时期全录音 6CD

The complete Warner Classics recordings 6CD

音乐类型 : 古典音乐 [CD 钢琴(家)]

发行公司/日期 : 华纳 2014/11/18

制作公司 :

内含片数 : 6

仅供参考 (台版本)


编号 曲名

1. 舒曼:A小调钢琴协奏曲,作品54

2. 理查‧史特劳斯:D小调为钢琴与管弦乐团所写的戏謔曲,op. 85


编号 曲名

1. 布拉姆斯:幻想曲,作品116

2. 布拉姆斯:三首间奏曲,作品117

3. 布拉姆斯:钢琴小品,作品118

4. 布拉姆斯:钢琴小品,作品119


编号 曲名

1. 盖希文:F大调钢琴协奏曲

2. 拉威尔:G大调钢琴协奏曲


编号 曲名

1. 布拉姆斯:D小调第一号钢琴协奏曲,作品15


编号 曲名

1. 贝多芬:G大调第四号钢琴协奏曲,作品58

2. 贝多芬:E大调第三十号钢琴奏鸣曲,作品109

3. 贝多芬:降A大调第三十一号钢琴奏鸣曲,作品110


编号 曲名

1. 拉赫曼尼诺夫:C小调第二号钢琴协奏曲,作品18

2. 拉赫曼尼诺夫:升G小调前奏曲,作品32-12

3. 拉赫曼尼诺夫:音画练习曲,作品33-1、33-2、33-9

4. 拉赫曼尼诺夫:柯瑞里主题变奏,作品42


Conductor: David Zinman, Kurt Sanderling

Composer: Robert Schumann, Richard Strauss, Johannes Brahms, George Gershwin, Maurice Ravel, et al.

Audio CD (October 17, 2006)


Number of Discs: 6

Format: Box set

Note on Boxed Sets: During shipping, discs in boxed sets occasionally become dislodged without damage. Please examine and play these discs. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund or replace your purchase.

Label: Warner Classics


Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Release Date July 3, 2006

Duration 06:10:13

Genre Classical

Styles Keyboard Concerto

5.0 out of 5 starsFine Retrospective From Warner Classics Of Helene Grimaud's Best Recordings For This Label

By John Kwok HALL OF FAME on May 25, 2007

Format: Audio CD

Warner Classics has turned once more to its vaults, hoping to reap some additional financial rewards from legendary young French pianist Helene Grimaud, who has now an exclusive recording contract with Deutsche Grammophon. While cynics may criticize this latest compilation from Warner Classics, serious fans of classical music may find much that is rewarding here. Grimaud's disciplined, yet emotionally intense performances have been compared favorably to the likes of Martha Argerich and Claudio Arrau. Many critics and fans have observed that she performs with the wisdom and maturity of an artist who is far more advanced in age than hers (This is an interesting observation in light of the recent success earned by another Deutsche Grammophon recording artist, Lang Lang, who has yet to attain the artistic maturity which Grimaud has demonstrated for years.). In these recordings made for Teldec in the mid to late 1990s, Grimaud was fortunate to work closely with such eminent conductors as David Zinman, Kurt Sanderling and Kurt Masur, and with excellent symphony orchestras in North America and Europe, including the Berliner Staatskapelle, New York Philharmonic and Baltimore Symphony orchestras. Among my favorites is her fiery performance of the Schumann Piano Concerto, which sounds remarkably fresh in her capable hands and in the excellent muscianship demonstrated from the Deutsches-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin and conductor David Zinman. Yet another favorite is an exquisitely well-played performance of the Brahms 1st Piano Concerto, in which she is accompanied by Kurt Sanderling and the Berliner Staatskapelle. Not surprisingly, yet another highlight is her excellent, rather vibrant, performance of the Gershwin Piano Concerto with David Zinman conducting the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. If you've wondered why Helene Grimaud has received such ample praise from critics and fans alike, then hopefully you'll find this CD set as an important reason why she has earned such warm adulation from critics and classical music fans across the globe.


Disc: 1

1. I. Allegro Affettuoso

2. II. Intermezzo: Andantino Grazioso

3. III. Allegro Vivace

4. Allegro Vivace

5. Tranquillo

6. A Tempo. Sostenuto

7. Un Poco Animato. Quasi Cadenza

Disc: 2

1. I. Capriccio - Presto Energico

2. II. Intermezzo - Andante

3. III. Capriccio - Allegro Passionato

4. IV. Intermezzo - Adagio

5. V. Intermezzo - Andante Con Grazia

6. VI. Intermezzo - Andantino Teneramente

7. VII. Capriccio - Allegro Agitato

8. I. Andante Moderato

9. II. Andante Non Troppo

10. III. Andante Con Moto

11. I. Intermezzo - Allegro Non Assai

12. II. Intermezzo - Andante Teneramente

13. III. Ballade - Allegro Energico

14. IV. Intermezzo - Alegretto Un Poco Agitato

15. V. Romanze - Andante

16. VI. Intermezzo - Andante, Largo E Mesto

17. I. Intermezzo - Adagio

18. II. Intermezzo - Andantino Un Poco Agitato

19. III. Intermezzo - Grazioso E Giocoso

20. IV. Rhapsodie - Allegro Risoluto

Disc: 3

1. I. Allegro

2. II. Adagio - Andante Con Moto

3. III. Allegro Agitato

4. I. Allegramente

5. II. Adagio Assai

6. III. Presto

Disc: 4

1. I. Maestoso

2. II. Adagio

3. III. Rondo - Allegro Non Troppo

4. Applause - Applaudissements - Applaus

Disc: 5

1. I. Allegro Moderato

2. II. Andante Con Moto

3. III. Rondo: Vivace

4. I. Vivace Ma Non Troppo

5. II. Prestissimo

6. III. Gesangvoll, Mit Innigster Empfindung (Andante Molto Cantabile Ed Espressivo)

7. I. Moderato Cantabile, Molto Espressivo

8. II. Allegro Molto

9. III. Adagio Ma Non Troppo - Fuga - Allegro Ma Non Troppo

Disc: 6

1. I. Moderato

2. II. Adagio Sostenuto

3. III. Allegro Scherzando

4. Allegro

5. No. 1: Allegro Non Troppo F Minor

6. No. 2: Allegro C Major

7. No. 9: Grave C Sharp Minor

8. Variations On A Theme Of Corelli, Op. 42