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Lazarus A.D.是一支来自美国威斯康辛州的重金属乐团,刚组建时只是叫做Lazarus,后来加上A.D.是为了避免可能出现的名誉权纠纷。


《The Onslaught》。乐队把自己录制的专辑寄给多家唱片公司,结果都被唱片公司因录音质量问题而拒绝了。最后Earache唱片公司将他们的专辑重新录制并加入一首歌。不久之后,这张专辑收到了地下金属业的极力赞扬并且吸引了Metal Blade唱片公司的注意。

乐队最终与Metal Blade唱片公司签订了合同并在2009年重新制作发行了《The Onslaught》。乐队与Amon Amarth和Goatwhore两支乐队在2009年4月举办巡演;和Testament,Unearth两支乐队在2009年5,6月举办巡演。 随即又和Bison B.C.,Ensiferum等乐队举办了多场意义重大的巡演

如今他们完成了第二张专辑《Black Rivers Flow》,打算在2011年2月1日发行。他们在发行专辑之后即将参加一场名为North American Retribution的巡演。新专辑中主打的流畅的金属乐曲《The Ultimate Sacrifice》在Metal Blade官网上提供试听。新专辑也展示了他们超出的一般激流金属范畴的音乐特点


Jeff Paulick - lead vocals, bass

Dan Gapen - lead guitar, vocals

Alex Lackner - rhythm guitar

Ryan Shutler - drums

Lazarus A.D. is a heavy metal band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, [1] originally formed as "Lazarus" in 2005. The "A.D." was added to avoid potential legal issues.

In 2006, Lazarus A.D. was selected as an opening act for Anthrax. In 2007, they released their debut album, The Onslaught. The band sent the self released album out to many known metal record labels. The labels turned the band down for a record deal. Later one of the songs off The Onslaught was added to a compilation album by Earache Records. Not long after, the album received rave reviews in metal underground and drew the attention of Metal Blade Records. The band landed a contract with Metal Blade and The Onslaught was re-released in 2009.[2] Lazarus A.D. toured with Amon Amarth and Goatwhore in April 2009, and toured with Testament and Unearth during May and June 2009. Then quickly after, the band toured with Bison B.C. on the Baptized in Beer 2009 tour from July to August of that year then in the inter toured with Ensiferum on the Tour From Afar.

They are finished with their second album, Black Rivers Flow, which is slated for release on February 1, 2011. They will embark on the "North American Retribution Tour" after the release. The lead single from Black Rivers Flow, "The Ultimate Sacrifice," debuted on Sirius Satellite's Liquid Metal, and now is also available on the Metal Blade Record label website.[3] It has been revealed that the new album will have more of a Groove metal sound.


By Krist


01. American Dreams

02. The Ultimate Sacrifice

03. The Strong Prevail

04. Black Rivers Flow

05. Casting Forward

06. Light A City (Up In Smoke)

07. Through Your Eyes

08. Beneath The Waves Of Hatred

09. Eternal Vengeance