[Photoshop图像锐化、阴影色彩细节处理滤镜].Topaz.Detail.v2.0.4.--luo_dv.rar 24.81MB








Topaz Detail 滤镜能增强图片的细节处理,并对图像的锐化,色彩优化,图片边缘等方面达到更完美的处理。我个人看来,Topaz Detail甚至还含有HDR效果软件的功能。对图像细节,锐度和色调等方面都有极好的自动处理功能,尽可能满足你视觉上的要求。

Topaz Detail设计独特,让您不会造成边缘文物充分提高了各方面的细节创意控制。轻松添加立体感,达到令人难以置信的程度,并确定在您的图像模糊以前在Topaz Detail内容与创新的技术细节。

一个Photoshop 插件 前所未有的控制色调,对比度,突出图像中的阴影和色彩细节。


* Control the appearance and intensity of small, medium and large image details.

* Sharpen your image without fear of creating edge artifacts or halos.

* Selective tone and color control.

* Effortlessly create stunning black and white images with selective toning and detail enhancement.

Unprecedented Control over Image Detail

Topaz Detail 2 employs one-of-a-kind advanced technology to optimally remove, recover and enhance image detail...without halos or artifacts.

Topaz Detail 2 offers limitless possibilities, from subtle to extreme, in image detail adjustments. Internally analyzing images, Detail separates the image into three detail sizes - small, medium, and large - offering exceptional command over the precise manipulation of each detail size. Where all other sharpening and detail enhancement methods fail, Topaz Detail 2 succeeds, offering precise, incremental detail control, without the fear of halos and artifacts.

* Three-level detail control gives you precision and the most advanced control over detail enhancement.

* Zip through and apply a variety of included presets, ranging from mild exposure adjustments to vibrant effects. Fine-tune them for the look you really want!

* Easily turn your color image into a black and white stunner with selective tone and color adjustments.