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photoshop cs5 畅销教程,全球最完备的photoshop 使用手册

photoshop是 全世界众多摄影师、设计师、网页设计专家都最佳使用软件,之前一版本《photoshop cs4 圣经》全球销量超过300,000.


photoshop 是工业标准的图像编辑软件,适用范围涵盖印刷 数字媒体制作,全球拥有四百万以上用户。



Photoshop is the gold standard for image-editing programs and is used by professional photographers, graphic designers, and Web designers as well as hobbyists. More than 300,000 copies of this comprehensive reference have been sold in previous editions; this edition is fully updated to cover Photoshop CS5’s newest features and includes a 16-page full-color insert.

Photoshop is the industry standard for image-editing software used in both print and digital media, with more than four million users worldwide

This comprehensive guide covers beginning to advanced techniques, from learning your way around the windows and tools to working with Camera Raw images

Covers retouching, color correcting, manipulating, and combining images; working with the File Browser, histogram palette, Lens Blur, and the color replacement tool; customizable keyboard shortcuts; how to create cutting-edge special effects for digital or film-based images, and much more

This revised edition of Photoshop Bible is the reference tool that graphic designers, photographers, and Web designers will refer to many times over.



Part I: Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS5

Chapter 1: Introducing Adobe Photoshop CS5

Chapter 2: Understanding the Photoshop Workspace

Chapter 3: Image Basics

Chapter 4: Understanding Colors, Histograms, Levels, and Curves

Chapter 5: History and Actions

Chapter 6: Using Bridge to Organize and Process Photos

Part II: Working with Camera Raw Images

Chapter 7: Camera Raw Basics

Chapter 8: Processing Photos in the Camera Raw Workspace

Part III: Selections, Layers, and Channels

Chapter 9: Creating Selections

Chapter 10: All about Layers

Chapter 11: Channels

Part IV: Enhancing, Correcting, and Retouching

Chapter 12: Adjustment Workflow

Chapter 13: Lighting and Color Adjustments

Chapter 14: Sharpness, Blur, and Noise Adjustments

Chapter 15: Using Cloning and Healing to Restore Digital Images

Part V: Painting, Paths, Shapes, and Text

Chapter 16: Painting and Brushes

Chapter 17: Working with Paths and Vector Shapes

Chapter 18: Working with Text

Part VI: Artistic Effects

Chapter 19: Distorting Images Using Transformation Effects, Liquify, and Vanishing Point

Chapter 20: Applying Filters

Chapter 21: Combining Images

Part VII: Working with 3D Images

Chapter 22: Creating and Manipulating 3D Objects

Chapter 23: Using the 3D Panel to Edit 3D Scenes and Settings

Chapter 24: Using Photoshop Tools to Change the Appearance of a 3D Layer

Part VIII: Working with Video and Animation

Chapter 25: Video Editing Basics

Chapter 26: Animating in the Animation (Timeline) Panel

Chapter 27: Correcting Video Files and Adding Artistic Effects

Chapter 28: Animating Using the Animation (Frames) Panel

Part IX: Advanced Output Techniques

Chapter 29: Printing and Color Management

Chapter 30: Creating Images for the Web and Mobile Devices

Chapter 31: Digital Workflow and Automation

Appendix A: Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B: Extending Photoshop's Capabilities Through Plug-Ins

Appendix C: Resources




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