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该Photoshop建筑师DVD 由著名建筑设计软件培训大师亲身屏幕视频音频录制的。97个视频超过5小时时长,并为您提供一个完整的学习经验。拖曳视频时间滑块即刻跳跃式前进或倒退,寻找您想要学习内容并进一步详细了解。


斯科特教授Photoshop必要技法,在影片1-35 。每一个建筑师,设计师,工程师和承包商利用Photoshop应该知道的这些基本概念:怎样影像储存,如何测量制图规模涉及到的图像分辨率,学习数码相片修饰技巧,并获得最大的强大载体工具。

影片36-76解释如何创造彩色图和海拔高度,从图纸到AutoCAD 。学习如何建立环境物(人,树木和道具) ,从数位相片,投下柔和阴影,让幻觉和深度更好....






The Photoshop for Architects DVD-ROM (plays on computer, not on TV) contains screen captured computer videos with audio narration by well known architectural software training guru. The 97 videos play for over 5-2/3 hours total running time, and offer you a complete learning experience. Drag the video time slider to instantly jump forward or backward in the video to what you want to learn.


Scott teaches you Photoshop Essentials in videos 1-35. Every Architect, Designer, Engineer and Contractor using Photoshop ought to know these essential concepts: how images are stored, how measured drawing scale relates to image resolution, learn a host of digital photo retouching techniques, and get the most out of powerful vector tools.

Plans & Elevations

Videos 36-76 explain how to create colorized plans and elevations, starting with line drawings in AutoCAD. Learn how to create entourage (people, trees and props) from digital photos, cast soft shadows to give the illusion of depth and more. Transform your drawings to act as excellent and cost effective marketing and visualization images.


In videos 77-97, Scott teaches you the art of Compositing, or manipulating vector objects as image layers. Starting with a simple 3D model in 3ds max/VIZ, you learn how to create a beautiful 3D visualization in Photoshop without waiting for traditional photo-realistic rendering calculations. Includes powerful MAXscript that partially automates the process and step-by-step instructions.

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